Young Workers

Young Stewards

Candice Mayhew and William Smith, Shop Stewards at Kroger #377

The UFCW has the youngest membership of any union in North America. Forty percent of us are under 30 –that’s about 450,000 people.  We are the cashiers and clerks in your local supermarkets, we process the hamburgers you eat –along with thousands of other food products–in plants across the country.

The UFCW is about workers coming together to build better lives –now and in the future.  It’s about getting a  fair paycheck this week, and a good schedule next week. It’s about being treated with respect, and about having a decent job where we all have a say –so the boss can’t push us around.

Whether we decide to stay and work for a few years while we’re in school, for our whole career, or even just for right now, together, we are a strong union; and we have a voice on the job. Together we can stand up for ourselves; negotiate better wages and benefits, quality health care and safe working conditions; and make sure everyone’s treated fairly.

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