Women’s Network

The UFCW Women’s Network, founded in 1988, works to motivate and encourage women to become active in their local union so the can contribute toward building and strengthening the UFCW. More than half of the UFCW’s 1.4 million members are women — and we are a powerful resource for our union. The active participation of women members in the UFCW enhances our strength at the bargaining table, in organizing campaigns, and in the political arena.

What We Do
Thousands of Women’s Network activists across the U.S. and Canada donate their time and energy to ensure the success of a wide variety of local union organizing, voter registration, educational, political, and community activities.  Network members have made voter registration a priority in UFCW workplaces, reaching out especially to women and younger members who are eligible to vote for the first time.

The Women’s Network also works to alert the UFCW members and the public about child labor, foreign made products, workplace violence, policies and practices of anti-union companies that undercut our economy and our communities, and the need for national health care reform.

Network members also participate in many community activities such as assisting women’s shelters, teaching about labor in schools, raising money for breast cancer research, and offering scholarships for working families.

How We Work
The UFCW Women’s Network is governed by an international chair, an eight-member executive committee, and regional representatives in each UFCW region. The Chair and co-chairs are elected by delegates to the Network’s biennial convention.

Standing committees include: organizing, collective bargaining, education, political action, membership, communications, and diversity.

The Network shares information with members and other interested activists through Network News, which reports on Network activities on the national and regional levels.

Recap of 2010 from Women’s Network President, Rhoda Nelson

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