UFCW Local 400 Values

We aspire to build a world-class, high-performing, and rapidly growing union that gives workers a voice, is able to improve the economic standing of our members and their communities, and provides our staff with a fulfilling and supportive environment to contribute and to grow.

We agree that such a union is rooted in a clearly articulated, agreed upon, and regularly practiced set of values. These are the five values that guide how we work to build our union:

1. Unity:
Unity around workers’ common interests, or solidarity, is what most gives our union power. But we understand that unity doesn’t just happen by itself. We have to work for it. We have to build it. And we have to build it through our words and our actions…every day, every moment. It is about standing together, respecting and supporting each other, and listening and learning from each other.

We will take personal responsibility for promoting and building a unified union in our words and actions. It’s always easier to see how someone else is falling short on building unity, while completely missing how we ourselves might be falling short on building unity. We will always look at ourselves first. “What am I doing to build unity?”

2. Diversity:
One of the greatest opportunities to build unity in the labor movement both among our members and in our union, is that we operate and live in a very diverse environment. Our membership and our staff represent diverse populations based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, and more.

In order to successfully build our union, and our union’s connection and credibility among all of our members and all of our communities, we need to be an open, tolerant and welcoming organization for all workers across every kind of difference.

One of UFCW Local 400’s greatest values is building a progressive union. That is why we are committed to diversity. We are committed to achieving full inclusion and full participation in the life, work, and leadership of the local.

3. Stewardship:
We take very seriously that the UFCW Local 400’s resources are a result of the very hard work and effort of our members. We are committed to using these resources wisely and responsibly. Each and every one of us is committed a strong work ethic and wise use of resources. This commitment will be demonstrated in many different ways:

  • By our actions, we will demonstrate a willingness to go beyond the call of duty; By keeping professional hours at every level of the organization; By the prudent use of our resources;
  • We will always ask ourselves: “Would the members think that this is a good use of our resources?”
  • By the prudent use of our resources; We will always ask ourselves: “Would the members think that this is a good use of our resources?”

4. Performance:
Our mission of fighting for economic and social justice is critical and how effectively we pursue this makes a tremendous difference to all our members, to workers in general, and to our communities. That is why we have the highest expectations possible for ourselves, from each other, and from our organization. Our culture is known for:

  • Defining and setting high standards;
  • Measuring our performance based on those standards,
  • Continuous learning and improvement

We will always ask ourselves: “How can I go above and beyond the call of duty?”

5. Integrity:
We will build a culture of integrity in our union, where each of us says what we mean, and do what we say.

This is very much connected to the first value, Unity. Unity is strengthened by the fact that we are straight with each other, and when we say something to a brother and sister, everyone knows that it is what we mean, and that is what will guide our behavior.

This also means that each and every one of us is reliable, and accountable to one another. Each and every one of us knows we can count on each other.

And by holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.